Katy Santos


“Katy Santos is a german/chilean Singer-Songwriter, musician and producer. Down-to-earth texts, critical philosophy and emotional draught are combined with the unmistakeable pop & folk sound from Latin-America. Whether playing solo or with a full band combo – origin and music from two continents are combined in her musical work and promise fun, poetry and positive vibes. Katy’s first studio album has been physically released in January 2019. The digital release will be on February 4th. 2019″

Katy Santos





Katy Santos

Katy Santos was born as a single child in Gießen, Germany and grew up in Viña del Mar, Chile. Surrounded by a multicultural background from the first breath with a chilean mother and a german father, both cultures and languages were always present in her life. The musical interest came out at an early age of 3, when she started composing her first songs. 

Nevertheless, she initiated her musical studies of piano and classic singing newly at an early age of 13 in the conservatory Izidor Handler of Viña del Mar, Chile. By that time she started to teach herself to play guitar and decided to start her pedagogics higher education in music education in the University of Playa Ancha of Valparaiso, where she received classes of music theory, piano, guitar, flute, singing, composition and harmony…

Due to her singing classes, her first aspiration was to follow a singer’s opera career. Therefore she joined the lyric singers group ALQUIR, under the direction of maestro Luther Riobó with whom she realized several regional and national concerts, presenting a high level opera repertoire to municipal theaters and diverse public events in Chile.

Along with the first musical experience in front of a bigger audience, Katy decides to resign her university studies and previous live, to cross the ocean in course towards her native grounds and in search of new possibilities.





Katy Santos arrives in 2001 to the city of Hamburg in Germany and starts, instead of a classical singers career, her studies in musical theater (singing, dance, theater) at the Stage School Hamburg. An injury in the right leg prevents her to follow a professional career, since one of the main requisites is dancing.

She chooses instead to keep on studying hispanic literature and systematical musicology in the University of Hamburg in 2005 and to go back to music with own projects. Inspired by her literary studies, she composes a musical cycle along with different poems of Pablo Neruda, an unpublished work until today. 

In search of a new musical identity, she starts to work with different cover bands and commercial studio projects. Across her studies in systematical musicology, she approaches more into music production, realizing an internship at Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg. It is there where she starts producing first demos and the idea of an own record is born.





Katy Santos

Through her work in the studio Katy  initiates her own musical project under the pseudonymic K.A.T. along with  original songs in English and Spanish. The genre was mainly Singer-Songwriter style, with a strong acoustic touch and Latin Jazz influences.

Putting forward her album recordings as a co-producer, she realizes more than 120 presentations in Germany and Chile for 2 years, in which she is also invited to present her music on the cruise ship MS Europa and play as an opener for the the chilean group Inti Illimani Histórico during their tour along Germany.  Nevertheless, the work of her almost finished album is getting more difficult since she had no financial backup and no team to support the project. In between of organizational and personal issues Katy decides to do make an artistic cut, disappearing completely from the stages and dedicating herself, instead, to the organization of events and music festivals. 





Katy Santos2015 – After a really long musical break, Katy comes slowly back to the music and seeks for new possibilities to recap the unfinished album project. Starting by zero and in need of all kinds of resources, external support and a studio, she still had her songs in her head, the capability to write new material and a few demo recordings done across the mobile phone. By chance it achieves that a music studio offers her a small room to develop her new audio material. Katy starts producing herself, since nobody had time to help for that. At the beginning there were only several months of intense learning with the goal to do the recordings at a professional level. To make it easy and due to the few resources she decided originally to make a simple acoustic record with guitar, voice and some few percussion elements. Nevertheless, one of her main focus was from the beginning the development of an own particular sound.

Unfortunately she  had to leave the studio after 4 month and  the second attempt of recording an album was delayed again. Nevertheless, the idea of the new album had already been born and it was out of question, that the project had to come to it’s end.





In 2016 Katy decides to build her own studio and conclude what she had begun several years ago. It took approximately 1 year and a half of planning and constructing the pre-production and editing  studio, finishing the project in the middle of 2017. Katy recaptured her recording work in November of the same year starting a fresh production from zero of what should be later the album ‚Amanecer‘ (Dawn). In a lapse of 4 months she works on the corresponding musical arrangements, recordings and writes new songs that are composing the recent work. Instead of maintaining the acoustic line that she had originally in mind, Katy approaches this time to the new Latin Pop music sounds, such as Reggaetón and the Cumbia, fusing them with EDM elements, Latin rock, but also andes Folklore and Latin Jazz, which were always part of her musical trajectory. The main subject was to create a fun and positive album. She discovered a production world with tons of new technical gear. Learning the (basic) techniques of electronic music and sound design opened new dimensions and possibilities to her. At the end the album, with it’s full arranged production, became something completely different than expected. Maybe it’s not absolutely perfect and maybe it’s done in a different way of how an album should be recorded from a ‘professional’ point of view. But the most important thing is that it has a particular sound – the sound of Katy Santos!


“The debut album, ‘Amanecer’

–  which will be released at the beginning of 2019 –

has been the result of infinite persistence and the fact

that dreams do not have to stay dreams if you take the decision

to reach the goal!”